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May 16, 2023

Meet The Man Who Spent $2 Million To Look 18 Again

Meet The Man Who Spent $2 Million To Look 18 Again
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#32: Bryan Johnson, a tech mogul turned health enthusiast, spends millions of dollars yearly to reverse and slow his aging. Yes, you heard that right. Bryan Johnson and his team of 30 doctors are spending significant amounts of money and time to measure the way his body works to produce data that will allow us, as humans, to slow down the way we age. Today, I sit down with him to discuss everything around his project Blueprint and how reverse aging works. As crazy and unattainable as that sounds, he is able to give multiple things you can implement in your life to live a healthier life––without spending a ridiculous amount of money or changing your lifestyle drastically. Get ready to get challenged and motivated to start optimizing your health and life.

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